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Shower Tile Installers

Shower tile installers Miami professional crew specializes only on shower tile installation. On this image you see a shower tile which was installed in two days. The colors of white and gray perfectly match the cabinet vanity. The image was taken in March of 2021

Shower room is a room that we all use everyday and our shower tile installers team realizes the importance of selecting the right color, type and design for every shower. Some of us more than once. Your shower should not just be space where you can clean the dirt and grim off you may have picked up during the day, it is also a space where you run through your day to come, or the one that may have just passed.

A space where you want nothing more than the hot water to cascade down while your mind ponders the more important things in life. Luckily for you we offer a range of tiling solutions to ensure we are able to give you the perfect space you have always dreamed of.

Best Tiles For Shower Walls

Due to the fact that you don’t need to take into account the slip resistance of your shower wall tiles, the biggest factors that need to be considered are obviously the look and how well it works in wet environments. The most common choice among our clients are ceramic and porcelain.

These are the more traditional choices, but this by no means insinuates that you can not let your imagination run wild. Our shower tile installers team have a range of different sizes, colors, textures and qualities to meet every need. We also offer a wide range of glass, marble and stone options for those clients looking for a different look and feel.

Marble And Stone

These options are mostly chosen for their aesthetic look and feel gives our clients precisely what they are looking for. White marble tends to be one of the most popular color choices among our clients.

We must however caution that these materials do have a couple of drawbacks. Especially when one takes into consideration maintenance and cleaning routines. These however should not put you off as the aesthetic look and feel will make it well worth the effort. To find out more, have a look through our website and give us a call if you need anything else.

Lets Create Some Contrast

Our shower tile installers always ask our clients if they want to shake things up. After giving us a puzzled look, we quickly explain that this means adding a second tile color to give the space some contrast. From different tile sizes, colors and designs. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of achieving this is to lay the tiles in a diamond shape instead of the normal diagonal pattern.  We are sure to have just the solution to meet your every need. We even specialize in mosaics and no job is too challenging. So pick up the phone and give us a call straight away.

How Much Are You Willing To Clean ?

As this is one of the spaces that will get the most use in your home, it is will eventually need to be cleaned, and more regularly than  any other space in your home. Generally we tell our clients to use the rule of grout. This essentially means the more grout lines you have, the more cleaning you will need to do. Its a simple as that. So for those considering the mosaic option,  you may just want to think again. Luckily we offer a range of after sale service to ensure you shower looks brand new every morning you step into it.

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