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Backsplash Installers

On this picture your see a the latest project our backsplash installers Miami finished for our client who flips houses. The kitchen remodeling took us one week to finish. The colors of backslash were chosen by the home designer. Light brown and white colors were perfect to the that size of the kitchen. Image was taken in April 2021

As with most things in life, the little things tend to make the world of difference. This is also true when one considers the difference a professionally completed backsplash  job can make to your kitchens overall look and feel. With careful planning and some creativity one will be able to claim precious wall space with an eye catching job. Our backsplash tile installers with years of experience, can help you make the right decision.

We basically try to offer a solution which is both functional and fashionable. Making sure it compliments the look and feel of your bathroom or kitchen. With our range of  solutions, you are more than welcome to put us to the test.

Where Does It Go ?

This expansive material is typically used to fill the gaps on kitchen and bathroom walls between cabinets and counter-tops. This should span the length of the counter top and should be applied evenly. When completed correctly, today's backsplash tile installers offer solutions will add a brilliant accent and contrast to one of the most frequented rooms in your home.

This process can be completed during the install process or after. It all depends on you. Now that you have been given just a taste of what we have to offer, give us a call today and lets give your space that extra bit of aesthetic appeal.


Backsplash To Suit Any Tile


In he early days, backsplash solutions were more specifically meant for ceramic and porcelain tiles. However, with the strides that have been made over the last 30 years, our backsplash installers are now able to offer it for all tiling choices. From marble to cement, stone, glass and everything in between, we have the solution for you.

We do however ask you to keep in mind the cost difference, especially when it comes the choice of tile we will be working with. To find out more, have a look through our website and give us a call once you find what you are looking for.




The answer to this question purely depends on the amount of backsplash that you will need. This is determined by using square footage.However, one needs to keep in mind that kitchens and bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. With awkward angles that make estimates tricky at best. One also needs to take into account the tiles being used. With our range of solutions, allowing you to mix and match to your hearts desire. The only thing that can stop you is the depth of your pockets. Now give us a call today and we will be sure to provide you with a obligation free quote.


Replace It


This is yet again one of the advantages to backsplash. The simply fact is that backsplash will add a level of sophistication to your home. However, as with all surfaces that get a lot of use, it will eventually need replacing . Luckily for our clients this in not a very difficult job. Especially when you let our professionals at Tile Installers Miami Pros handle the job. The hardest part will be deciding what your new backsplash look will be. So give us the opportunity today to ensure you never have to look anywhere else again for all things tiling.

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