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Miami Tile Installation

On this image you see a tile installer Miami specialist installing the backsplash tile as bathroom tile remodeling project. The project was taking place in Miami of 2021. The colors of gray and white were the choice for the tile installation.

Are you looking for a tile installer in Miami?

Tile is one of the most durable and versatile materials available. It can be used to create beautiful floors, walls, backsplashes, showers, and more.

But if it’s not installed correctly or with the right tools, tiles can crack or break easily. That’s why you need an experienced Miami tile installation company who knows how to properly install your tiles so they last as long as possible.


Call us today to schedule your free estimate for all types of tile installation. From bathroom to kitchen tile installation, from outdoor to backsplash tile install, we are here to help you with your project. Our Miami tile installation teams are all licensed and insured.

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    Based on 5 reviews
    Kathleen Griffin
    Kathleen Griffin
    We hired thid tile installation Miami company to install outdoor tile for our Aventura townhouse. They were professional and experienced outdoor tile installers and since I'm a contractor myself, I can tell you they did a good job. All the measurements and laying of the tile were done precisely. They were not cheap or expensive, charge us reasonably and did finish in two days as we agreed. Hire these guys for your project if you need it and you won't regret the outcome.
    Aaron Howard
    Aaron Howard
    I'm happy with the outdoor tile installation project that Tile Installers Miami Pros did for me in Hallandale Beach, FL. They were professional and on time from start to finish. The finished project looks fantastic and was completed on time. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a high-quality tile installation job.
    Jac Anila
    Jac Anila
    Hired these guys for our home in Miramar for bathroom tile installation and shower tile installation. Good quality work was done within a week.
    Sinia Alvarez
    Sinia Alvarez
    Thanks Luis, love my bathroom tile! Your team did an awesome and night difference between my old tile floor and new ones.
    Carmen Perez
    Carmen Perez
    I'm a property manager and we need tile installers for our Miami project. The scope of the project was large and we needed to find someone who is experienced working on such tile installation projects. We were able to get a written estimate within a day and got to see the portfolio of a previous work. We ended up awarding this project to Tile Installers Miami Pros and very happy with the work they did for us. Everything was done on time with the minimum destructions for our customers.

    About Us

    At Tile Installation Miami Pros we have over 30 years of experience installing tiles for our clients throughout South Florida including Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Hallandale, Hollywood, Sunny Isles, and Aventura. We offer free estimates on all our work!

    When you choose us for your tiling needs in Miami Beach FL we will ensure that every step of your project goes smoothly from start to finish - no matter what size job you have! Our team has extensive knowledge about all types of tiling projects so whether it's bathroom tile installation or kitchen tile installation we are ready to help! We also provide expert shower tile installation services along with outdoor tiling services like pool decking & patio installations too!


    With us, there is never any mess left behind because we clean up after ourselves every day before leaving each day which means peace of mind for our customers knowing that their home is safe while they're away at work during the day until completion of their project without worrying about anything being damaged by dust particles left behind by other contractors who don't do the same.

    Our tile installer will work with you to determine what type of tiles are best for your project, taking into consideration how frequently they will be used and if there is any potential for water damage or other problems in the future. We only carry industry-leading brands so you know you’re getting quality products installed by professional installers.


    When you need tile installation in Miami FL contact Tile Installation Miami Pros today!

    Our Services

    Bathroom tile installation, kitchen tile installation, shower tile installation, outdoor tile installation, backsplash installation, and pool tile installation are just a few of the services we provide in Miami.

    We can help with ANY tile installation project you have! We handle everything all the way from the demolition, installation, grouting to tile sealing.

    We take pride in our work by providing quick, clean & efficient services. We also provide FREE estimates on all tile projects!

    Bathroom Tile installers Miami professionals are finishing the last touches of the newly remodeled kitchen. On the this picture you see tile installation in Miami for our referral client. The Brown finish kitchen cabinets and baggie tile installed was a choice made by our client. The project took place in B=February of 2021.

    Bathroom Tile Installers

    When it comes to a bathroom in your home, there is no substitute for beautiful tile installation. Tile can be the perfect finishing touch to a bathroom remodeling project, and having it installed by professionals will ensure that you get the best results possible. Here are just a few of the many reasons Miami residents should choose Tile Installation Miami Pros.

    Our team of tile installation contractors offers both ceramic and porcelain tile that comes in over 100 different styles that coordinate beautifully with one another, and all our tiles meet high industry standards so you can be sure they will keep you safe.

    They can install tile on walls and floors and even do custom work. For example, they can create a beautiful tile mural or accent one area of your bathroom with a unique tile border.

    Our Miami tile installation teams offer complete installation services, including the removal and disposal of old tiles and related materials as well as plumbing repairs if needed.

    We do believe that bathroom tile installation is very important for any bathroom remodeling project and we realize how valuable your time is. Our tile installation teams in Miami arrive at your home in uniform and with all the supplies they will need, so you can expect them to get right down to work upon arrival.

    They provide free estimates on all installations, and they do their utmost to accommodate your schedule for appointments. Tile Installation Miami Pros stands behind their work with a 100 percent guarantee.

    Shower tile installers Miami crew is one of the highest in demand. On this image you see a brand new tile installation for our client in Miami. The new bathroom sink and the shower tile was installed. The choice of gray color was selected by our client. The image was taken in March 2021

    Kitchen Tile Installation

    Most families spend a great deal of attention on kitchen remodeling and improvement ideas. However, the kitchen is not just a place for cooking and socializing; it can be an area of beauty as well as practicality. An area that tends to receive a great deal of traffic during meal preparation and family time is the kitchen tile floors. Choosing the right tile type and style for your kitchen floor is an important decision because it will add to the home's value, and will also need to be durable and long-lasting.


    Tile Installation Miami Pros will provide you with the option of a variety of tile styles that include ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite, and travertine to name just a few. There are even recycled glass tiles available for kitchen flooring that are environmentally friendly.

    Kitchen floor tile installation is a wonderful way to add an attractive element to the kitchen, while also creating a durable and polished look. You can choose a tile that matches the aesthetic of your kitchen, or you can opt for a contrasting look. If you are working to create an upscale and polished atmosphere in your home, then using ceramic kitchen tiles is ideal for this kind of design.

    It's all about style with Miami Tile Installation Pros. With so many options available to homeowners today, it's important to consider all your options before making a final decision. Tile Installation Miami Pros knows that installing the perfect kitchen tile is just as important as choosing the right tiles for your kitchen. You will be able to choose from various color schemes and patterns, so you can really make an individual statement with your choice.

    On this image you see a beautiful backsplash installation taking place for our client. The client wanted to renovated his large kitchen and the color of the backsplash were magnificent. The color of beige, chocolate brown and white brings up the true beatify of this renovated kitchen. The image was taken in March of 2021

    Outdoor Tile Installation

    When it comes to outdoor tile installation in Miami, every homeowner should consider hiring the services of an experienced tile installation company. Families spend a lot of time outdoors, by the pool, and to ensure their outdoor space is inviting and looks great, it's important to have a tile installation company install tiles. Tile can be used on patios, pool decks, driveways, and more.

    Miami is known for its hot sunny days, salty winds, and high humidity environment. Outdoor tiles are designed to withstand the elements so they won't fade or crack in harsh sunlight.

    Not every type of tile is suitable for outdoors. There are two types of tiles for outdoors used in Miami, ceramic and porcelain. Ceramic tiles can be made from clay or concrete materials. They are highly durable, water-resistant, and heat resistant. Porcelain tiles are manufactured to resist heat and cold as well as chemicals similar to those found in bathroom cleaners even bleach. However, they are not as flexible or elastic as ceramic tiles.

    Ceramic tiles are very popular for outdoor tiling installation in Miami homes, businesses, and commercial properties because they are not porous like cement flooring which can trap dirt and moisture under them attracting termites and mold. Although it is possible to find smooth porcelain tiles that resemble ceramic ones, a person who installs tiles on a patio or walking path should consider the roughness of the tile. The rougher the surface, the more suitable it is for outdoor installation while smoother surfaces are better suited for indoor flooring.

    Kitchen tile installers Miami professionals can help you with all of your tile installation in Miami. On this image you see a brand new tile installation taken place at our client's home. New kitchen tile installation was a major project since the client had a 2500 square feet kitchen tile floor. The image was taken place in January of 2021

    Backsplash Installation

    With the backsplash, the image of the kitchen is created. The backsplash reflects a lot of light and shows your creativity in design. When done correctly, it makes a huge difference to a room that you might think looks good but could be made better with an additional piece of tile or two on the wall behind your stove or sink.

    Backsplash tiles are a great way for you to add color and pattern in a kitchen without spending a lot of money, time, or effort. A small backsplash can have a large impact on the overall design of your kitchen.

    Decide on a theme for your backsplash. Do you want to run with the color scheme that is present in your kitchen? Perhaps you would like to introduce some other colors, such as those found outside. Once you have decided on a theme, come up with several different tile designs that fit within that theme.

    As the name backsplash implies, these tiles are designed to get exposed to water. Therefore, you need to choose materials that are water-resistant. The grout to be used once backsplash installation is completed must be chosen carefully as well.

    Out Tile Installation Miami Pros backsplash installation professionals will make sure that you have the right tiles and tile grout installed and it blends perfectly with your overall kitchen remodeling project.

    On this picture you see our outdoor tile installers Miami crew works on the project in Miami. The pool are and the patio had an old tile and our client wanted to replace it after she purchased the house. Image shows a hand of our contractor putting the cement on the tile. Image was taken in April of 2021

    Shower Tile Installation

    Shower tile in every home gets a lot of usage over a long period of time. This wear and tear will modify the appearance of your shower tiles, sometimes to a point that they can no longer be repaired. That is why people have been turning to Tile Installation Miami Pros for shower tile installation services for help in their shower tile replacement needs.

    There are numerous reasons why someone might need shower tiles replaced in their home. For example, if the borders of your tiles have begun to fade or chip away entirely, then it might be time for new tiles. Or perhaps you want to redo your bathroom with a new color scheme or style. If that is the case, then you must remove all of the old shower tiles before installing the new ones.

    Tile Installation Miami Pros not only specialize in shower tile replacement but we do complete shower remodeling which includes removal of the shower doors, shower pan and drywall, shower head, and all the plumbing. . No matter what service you are looking for if your shower in Miami needs to be remodeled then you can rely on Tile Installation Miami Pros for worry-free and cost-efficient services in order to get it done quickly at low prices.

    We know that the shower is a high-use area, so everything from our tools to our work ethic has been designed to provide you with a high-quality service.

    On this image you see a tile installed in the pool. This project was done by our pool tile installers Miami team in three days as requested by the client. The beautiful colors of pool tile make the pool look larger than it actually is. The image was taken in May 2021.

    Pool Tile Installers

    With years of exposure to sun and chlorine water, pool tile can corrode or become unsightly. Choosing a pool tile replacement that is sure to last for years and years might be hard, but our pool tile installation services teams are here for you.

    Miami's heat can cause expansion of your pool surface resulting in cracks and leaks. To avoid this, you must ensure that you use the right type of tile and is installed by a professional pool tile company. Doing so will add more life to your swimming pool by protecting it from deterioration.

    Not every pool tile is suitable for pools. Undesirable tiles are those that are not water-resistant, slip easily, or are hard to clean. It is important to choose a tile that is resistant, easy to maintain, and visually appealing.

    Tiles have many choices in patterns, shape, size, material, and color that it might sometimes be difficult to choose just one. Miami Tile Installation Pros provides their customers with more options by offering. Our pool tile installation service in Miami provides expert advice on what you should buy.

    With the proper maintenance, pool tile installed by our pool tile installation team in Miami can last for years. The professionals at Miami Tile Installation Pros know where to place tiles, color, pattern to use, and tips on how to clean pool tiles.

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