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    At Tile Installers Miami Pros we have a reputation for innovation .As one of the most recognized  providers of  tiling solutions and services to both the private and public sectors, we are always ready  to handle any tiling job you may have. Our highly trained call center staff are ready and waiting to provide you with a detailed, and most importantly cost-effective quote.

    Our tiling experts will go over the specifics of the project with you and measure the area to be tiled in order to provide you with a custom solution and accurate price quote.  We rely on a collaborative approach which entails continual involvement from our clients to ensure deliver a cost effective service that produces the results you are looking for.

    We like to see ourselves as a partner in your business or home improvement project. Not just another service provider. This approach has allowed us to build long lasting relationships not just with our clients, but also foster close effective working relationships with other contractors, suppliers and consultants.

    Contact us today via phone, email or Facebook for a once in a lifetime tiling service experience. Our super friendly and warm team will assist you from the moment you reach out up until the work is complete.

    Our Tile Installers Miami Pros provide industry leading care to our customers and strive to deliver an exceptional experience — an experience that will leave no doubt in your mind who the leading tiling company in Miami really is. Our passion for what we do it carried through every aspect of our business process and we execute our duties to the best of our abilities. Call us today for our free visit to your location and an estimate.