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Tile Installers Miami Pros

Tile Installation Miami

On this image you see a tile installer Miami specialist installing the backsplash tile as bathroom tile remodeling project. The project was taking place in Miami of 2021. The colors of gray and white were the choice for the tile installation.

Miami is our home. Miami is where we have built our Tile Installers Miami name from the very beginning. We owe everything that we have become to our fine customers and our employees' dedication to what they do. This has helped us not just cement our name when it comes to the tiling business. It has helped us ensure we are always the first name on everyone's lips when it comes to tiling every and anything. So have a look through our website and find out for yourselves just what we have to offer. We promise we will try our best to blow you away.

We are skilled professionals who specialize in top-quality workmanship on every job we do from start to finish - no surprises! Our team members understand that client satisfaction is our number one priority and they take pride in completing any project with high-level craftsmanship using only materials approved by manufacturers.


Tile Installers Miami Pros serving Homeowners and Commercial Properties for many years.

Let us help you with all your Miami tile needs! We provide both residential and commercial customers with the best service in town. Whether it’s just one small area requiring new tiles or a complete overhaul, we can help.

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    Our work comes with an impeccable warranty so you won’t need to worry about any problems occurring later on down the line. The best part? We are very affordable!


    We have years of experience installing pools of different types including mosaics or pebble patterns which is why some people come to us after hiring other contractors who only managed to do half the job before calling quits for good.


    When looking for professionals who specialize in kitchen remodeling Miami residents and homeowners should contact Tile Installers Miami Pros. We offer free estimates on all projects with no obligations for anyone interested in our services. Our team members are always available by phone or email so don't hesitate to get started planning one of these top-quality renovations now!

    About Us

    At Tile Installers Miami Pros we have established ourselves as one of the leading names in the tiling game.  Having plied our trade in the greater Miami area for some time now, we strive to build on our reputation with every job that we tackle.No matter the size of the job. We can handle any and everything you can throw at us. We are committed to providing high-quality, unmatched services to all our clients. Ensuring that they get what they pay for and more. Combine the above with our wide range of services and you will quickly understand why we are the best.


    We are tile installers Miami specialists with over 30 years of experience. We specialize in bathroom tile installation, shower tile installation, kitchen tile installation, backsplash installation, and pool tile installation. We are skilled professionals who specialize in top-quality workmanship on every job we do from start to finish - no surprises! Our team members understand that client satisfaction is our number one priority and they take pride in completing any project with high-level craftsmanship using only materials approved by manufacturers.


    Our tile contractors will help you to get your dream bathroom or kitchen tile installation. We offer a wide variety of designer tiles to choose from and we have the skills needed to install them, no matter what type you need for your project. Our tile installers with a team of home designers and architects will work with you to turn your vision into a reality.


    The Miami tile installers are professionals who have the expertise and experience necessary for all types of installation projects, such as small bathrooms, outdoor tile or pools.


    We take pride in our attention to detail and ensure that every project receives individualized care from start to finish - no surprises! We offer free consultations on site so be sure to call us today if you need any help deciding what type of tiles would suit your needs best.


    Our Services

    If you are going to try something, you must give it your everything. This is why we offer a full range of tiling services to ensure we can handle anything you need to be done. From bathrooms to kitchens, pools, or outdoor tile installation. We have just the solution to ensure you are able to choose exactly the combinations you want. Combined with our expert know-how, and willingness to go that extra mile, we can assure you that you will not find a better finish anywhere else. So have a look through what we have to offer and once you find what you are looking for, call us right away.

    Bathroom Tile installers Miami professionals are finishing the last touches of the newly remodeled kitchen. On the this picture you see tile installation in Miami for our referral client. The Brown finish kitchen cabinets and baggie tile installed was a choice made by our client. The project took place in B=February of 2021.

    Bathroom Tile Installers

    As this is by far one of the busiest and most frequented rooms in your home, it is almost criminal to not tailor it to your specific needs. One needs to make it space where you don’t just keep up with your personal hygiene, but a place where you can take stock and reflect. If this sounds like the space you want to create, give us a call today and let's help make your dreams a reality.

    Bathroom tile installation is one of the most popular services we offer at Miami tile installers. With a wide range of different materials to choose from, such as porcelain or marble, there is no limit to what you can accomplish with your new bathroom.

    The team at our company will work closely with you during design consultations and provide expert advice on tiles that are best suited for your needs and budget.

    Bathroom tile is a smart investment for any home, as it can be used to add personality and warmth. With the right selection of tiles, you may be able to turn an outdated and boring bathroom into a modern retreat.

    Tile installation is one of the most important aspects of your tile project, as it will protect your investment for years to come: we make sure that all our tile installation are done with care and precision. Contact us today if you need help installing tiles in Miami.

    Miami Tile Installers can install any type of tile material from ceramic tiling to porcelain flooring. All types have different benefits and drawbacks - such as durability and price point - so there's no wrong answer when deciding on which type would work best in your home.


    How much does a tile installer cost?


    Tile installers typically depend on the type of tile you are installing as well as the scope of the project. Bathroom tile installation can be a one day project whereas kitchen tile installation may take up to two weeks. Keep in mind that numbers are subject to change due to factors like material costs and design.


    Does Tile increase home value?


    The answer to this question is subjective. If you plan on living in your home for years and want peace of mind - installing tile may be a good investment. Tile does not increase value if it will eventually need to be replaced due to wear-and-tear. It is always best to consult with a contractor or designer before making any decisions when considering remodeling an older property so they can help recommend which type would work best in your home given its age, layout, etcetera. There are many factors that go into this decision.

    Shower tile installers Miami crew is one of the highest in demand. On this image you see a brand new tile installation for our client in Miami. The new bathroom sink and the shower tile was installed. The choice of gray color was selected by our client. The image was taken in March 2021

    Shower Tile Installers

    When it comes to looking for a bathroom remodeling service that can install shower tiles, look no further than the experts at Tile Installer Miami Pros. We offer comprehensive shower tile installation services and will make sure your space looks clean and professional.

    Our goal is to transform any area into something you'll love spending time in! Rather than dealing with subpar work or trying DIY methods, let us handle everything so you don't have to.

    With our team by your side, all of your tile needs are built right in from day one; this means there's nothing else to worry about! You can call us today if you're ready for an upgrade on how your home looks and feels - we would be more than happy to help out!

    There are different types of shower tiles to consider when it comes time to choosing your flooring. You can find ceramic tiles as well as porcelain options that will provide a classic look for any shower space.

    You'll also be able to choose from many different styles and patterns so you can customize the area even further - we guarantee there is something out there perfect for your needs!

    If you already have an idea of what type of tile layout would work best, share this with our team and we can go over some ideas together on how it should be done! We want every client's bathroom renovation experience to be stress-free and rewarding; nobody wants their life complicated by having too much on their plate. Let Tile Installer Miami Pros do all the hard work while you relax knowing everything is in good hands.

    How much does it cost to install a tile shower?


    The cost to install a tile shower will vary depending on the size and complexity of your project.

    The average cost for an installation is between $500-700, but that can be much higher or lower depending on what you need and how long it takes to complete.

    We are experts in tile installations as well as all other types of tiling projects which include showers, backsplashes, countertops etcetera so we would be happy to help provide specific pricing information should this pique your interest.


    What is the easiest tile to install in a shower?


    The easiest tile to install in a shower is the tile that comes pre-sealed and sealed. This includes tiles such as mosaic, porcelain, ceramic, or glass tiles. There is no need to seal these types of tiles again because they can be cleaned with water without causing any damage. The only time you should consider sealing your tile would be if it has been installed outdoors for an extended period of time due to weather conditions like salt air or heavy rain.

    You will have fewer problems installing this type of tile because there is no worry about water seeping through grout lines from underneath them during installation which could cause future issues down the line. This makes laying out the tiles much easier even when working on overhead surfaces like a ceiling.

    Having just moved to Miami from California, we were eager to add our touch to our newly purchased home. After getting some quotes together, we decided to go with Mike and his team for all our tiling needs . Let me tell you it was the best decision we have made since deciding o move cross country.  ” – J.Henderson

    On this image you see a beautiful backsplash installation taking place for our client. The client wanted to renovated his large kitchen and the color of the backsplash were magnificent. The color of beige, chocolate brown and white brings up the true beatify of this renovated kitchen. The image was taken in March of 2021

    Backsplash Installers

    Backsplash tile is a tile used to cover the space behind a kitchen countertop and front of wall cabinets. It is a design element that provides many benefits, such as making your kitchen look more stylish while protecting your walls from spills and splashes when you are cooking or washing dishes in the sink.

    Backsplash Installers are usually recommended to complete the process of tiling your backsplash and the Tile Installers Miami Pros team is here to help you with this. We make sure to provide excellent service and high-quality results for all our commercial or residential customers.

    Professional backsplash installers like us can design and install your backsplash with the best tiling materials, such as ceramic tiles or glass mosaics. You can also choose to tile all four sides of your countertop area, which we do recommend if you have a nearby stove and oven.

    Backsplash installers in Miami specialize in installing tile, stone, or glass backsplashes. In almost every kitchen and bath, the backsplash is an overlooked element. These are some of the options:

    - Stone - A natural material that is usually cut into slabs and called tiles for use in wall surfaces, countertops, and floors. Natural stones are on-trend because they're durable, come in a variety of colors and textures so you can add warmth to your kitchen without breaking the bank.

    - Glass - You'll find that a lot of modern kitchens have black granite counters with sparkling white quartzite countertops but this isn't always possible as it's really expensive! One way around this is to go for an all-glass backsplash which looks just like marble or another precious stone but is much more affordable. This also has the added advantage of being incredibly easy to clean using just a sponge and soap.

    - Ceramic tile - If you want something affordable yet still easy on the eye then ceramic tiles are perfect as they come in so many different shapes, sizes, and styles that there really is no need to ever get bored of it.


    The best tile installers in Miami know that to make a room feel complete they must design attractive and functional kitchens as well as bathrooms. Tile installation can be inexpensive and it will also add beauty and value to your home for years to come if done right the first time! So when you look for tile installers in Miami for your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor tile projects, find reputable contractors who specialize in their craft.


    How much does it cost to have someone install a backsplash?


    When it comes to tile installation, the backsplash is one of the most popular choices. It can be installed quickly and easily with a few tools that are inexpensive. The cost for this type of tile installation in Miami varies from company to company as there really isn't much labor involved but a lot depends on what you're looking for in your project. If you need someone who will install just shower tiles then it might cost $200 or less whereas if you want them to install not only shower tiles but also kitchen countertops then expect closer to $1000-$1500 depending on what materials they use and how skilled the installer is at their craft!


    Is peel and stick backsplash worth it?


    The peel and stick backsplash might be worth the hassle if you are looking for an easy installation. It is a less expensive option, but there's also no guarantee that it won't peel off in time or that it will look just as good ten years down the road.

    Also, peel and stick backsplash is not as durable and often needs to be replaced every few years, whereas tile backsplash can last for decades.

    Selecting tile contractors isn't easy - there are lots of options out there and many things that need to be considered before making your final decision about who will do the job best for you. The most important thing is quality workmanship; this means attention to detail when laying the backsplash tile and making sure it'll be installed properly.

    It's also important to find a contractor who will offer you different project options, like tile installation only or installing the backsplash with grout lines and tiles for a seamless look that will last much longer than peel-and-stick backsplashes. When it comes time to pick out your materials, there are lots of choices available.

    Kitchen tile installers Miami professionals can help you with all of your tile installation in Miami. On this image you see a brand new tile installation taken place at our client's home. New kitchen tile installation was a major project since the client had a 2500 square feet kitchen tile floor. The image was taken place in January of 2021

    Kitchen Tile Installers

    Today, there are many different materials that can be used to create interior designs for your home. One of the most popular at this time is design and redesigning your kitchen with unique and quality kinds of tile as they offer a very distinctive look and feel which you just cannot find anywhere else.

    Wall tiling has been around since ancient times where people started by covering their walls with stone slabs or even wood planks as early forms of wallpaper. Today, we have access to all kinds of decorative pieces such as ceramic tile flooring and glass mosaics among others that allow us to customize our homes in an endless number of ways including using wall tiles for the kitchen.

    With Tile Installers Miami Pros' ability and capability, kitchen tile installing is no longer an issue. We are the professionals to call when you need a new kitchen floor, countertops, or wall tiles installed. We offer personalized service that is tailored for your unique needs and specifications, along with competitive rates in comparison to our competition. What we do here is provide you with the best service that has ever been offered to our clients.

    We don't just install tiles but we also give them a unique touch of beauty and creativity, which is why anyone who gets their kitchen tiled by us will say it's one of the greatest investments they have made for themselves. You can rely on us to provide expert advice about what kind of tiles will work best for your home design project - any time! With Tile Installers Miami Pros' tile installation expertise, we make sure each job goes smoothly from start to finish so it really feels like home.

    Kitchen tile installers in Miami are a valuable and often overlooked part of any kitchen remodel. Whether you're installing new commercial quality tiles or replacing the old worn-out white ceramic, it's an important job to get right. The best way to ensure that your tile installation project goes smoothly is by hiring a professional tile installer who has experience with all sorts of materials ranging from porcelain tiles for kitchens to glass mosaics used as bathrooms and backsplashes.


    Tile installers in Miami will be able-bodied professionals equipped with the know-how, expertise, and tools needed. Make sure they have strong customer service skills so that if customers ask questions about their work, they can answer them confidently without sounding like they don't know what they're talking about and provide options for your project.


    Your budget is important to us because we can provide you with several options for your kitchen tile installation based on the materials you want. The best tile installers in Miami are able to work with all sorts of materials, including porcelain tiles for kitchens and glass mosaics used as bathroom and backsplashes.


    How much does it cost to install tile per square foot?


    The kitchen tile installation cost depends on the size of the tile. It also depends on the type and quality of materials used for installation, whether or not there is a backsplash involved in your project, and how many tiles need to be cut before installing them.

    Porcelain tile might cost $0.90 per square foot installed while granite tile could go up to as much as $14 per square foot installed.

    Glass mosaics run between $0.65 -$11 per square foot depending on what style you choose (i .e., wood imitation vs natural stone). Glass mosaic installation can take anywhere from one day to two weeks, but it depends largely on the complexity of design chosen by customer's designer preference.


    Do you put tile under kitchen cabinets?


    When it comes to tile under kitchen cabinets, there are a few ways to go about it.

    For the best kitchen tile installation results, you'll need to take into account how much of your countertop is exposed after installing cabinet fronts and toe kicks, as well as whether or not any appliances will be installed underneath them.

    Kitchen tiles can either stretch from wall to wall in front of the stove instead of being set within cabinetry (this is called a backsplash), but they don't usually extend past appliance faces because that would interfere with their functionality. You may also choose to install kitchen tiles on top of existing cabinet tops if you're only looking for an aesthetic change - this option costs less than reworking both surfaces at once.

    After my wife had won a bet, her choice was to finally get the bathroom she deserved. Having heard only good things from our friends and colleagues, there was really only one choice when it came to choosing our tiling contractors. My wife now has the bathroom of her dreams and I have learned not to gamble with her.  ” – M.Thomas

    On this picture you see our outdoor tile installers Miami crew works on the project in Miami. The pool are and the patio had an old tile and our client wanted to replace it after she purchased the house. Image shows a hand of our contractor putting the cement on the tile. Image was taken in April of 2021

    Outdoor Tile Installers

    Outdoor tiling is a good idea as it is both practical and decorative. The tiles will need to be properly installed, however, in order for the outdoor tiling process to go smoothly. Outdoor tile can add a great deal of comfort when it comes time to enjoy an outdoor environment such as patios or gardens.

    It is a great way to bring the look and feel of a home’s interior out into the environment. People want an outdoor living area that is as aesthetically pleasing as their indoor living space, but they need it to be functional too. Outdoor tiles can fit the bill perfectly because outdoor tile installers, like Tile Installers Miami, can help you create that inviting space you’ve always wanted in no time!

    How does Tile Installers Miami Pros help you with outdoor tile install? Well, we are experts in the area of tiles installation. We have been working with tiles for many years now and our experience has helped us to determine what is best suited for which situation. We know that there are certain kinds of outdoor tile installations where grout can be used while other areas require epoxy or resin materials to use instead.

    We also work alongside excellent designers who often come up with amazing designs incorporating different kinds of floors including mosaic tiled flooring as well as marble floors among others. Our job is to help them achieve these by applying good quality material on each surface so it matches their vision perfectly without any form of damage done!

    Many homeowners prefer to install outdoor tile themselves. However, outdoor tile installation requires some specialized skills, equipment, and time. It is important to know the differences between installing tile indoors or outdoors.


    - Outdoor tiles may require a different adhesive than indoor as they are exposed to harsher elements such as moisture, chemicals in rainwater runoff from roofs, and freeze/thaw cycles;

    - When working with outdoor tile installation it is best not to start outside at one end of your house then work inside--start closer to the door so you can step over any wet grout joints instead of having to walk around them after they dry (this will keep dirt off your floors);


    Techniques such as this are why it's best to have a tile contractor install your outdoor tiles. The cost for outdoor tile installation isn't much more than for indoor tile installation, but the expertise can be invaluable if you're not sure what to do. If you are not using a tile contractor you become at risk of making mistakes such as having uneven grout joints or improperly installed tile. Tile installation is a very specialized job and not all contractors are qualified to handle it--don't take chances!


    - Make sure your installer has experience with the type, style, and color of tile you're using;

    - Ask them what kind of finishing products they use (if any) so that you know if they will need more than just water at the end of the project to clean up properly;


    What type of tile is best for outdoor patios?


    Outdoor patio tile is a hot trend for homeowners with entertaining in mind. And while most people think of the classic white subway tiles, there are many other options available to homeowners looking for durability and versatility.

    Here are some popular choices:

    - Porcelain: these dense ceramic tiles have high resistance and can stand up against outdoor elements; they're easy to clean because water drains off easily--the downside is that they don't absorb color well so if you want an accent color it won't be noticeable after installation; also, porcelain isn't as durable as natural stone (though still more than enough for any residential application).

    - Glass mosaic tile: this type of tile has all the pros and cons.


    Is outdoor tile slippery?


    It depends on the type of outdoor tile you have installed. For example, porcelain tile is generally non-slippery but natural stone can be more slippery because the surface will wear down as it's walked on overtime.

    One of the most important factors to consider when installing outdoor tiles is how you plan on using your space--will it be a high traffic area or not?

    Some materials are easier to keep clean than others and some may even affect whether or not you should install them at all in certain areas--for instance, if there's an opportunity for water runoff then avoiding waterproof materials would probably make sense (in this case).

    Our outdoor tile installer will be able to advise you and provide available options based on the use of your outdoor tile space.

    The tile installer in Miami will work with you to select the right tiles that are cost-effective and durable for your space as well as if they should be sealed or not.

    For example, some materials need a sealant on them to help keep water from penetrating through while others can wear down over time due to being high traffic areas where people walk across wet surfaces--these would require regular maintenance which may include sealing periodically (or more often).

    On this image you see a tile installed in the pool. This project was done by our pool tile installers Miami team in three days as requested by the client. The beautiful colors of pool tile make the pool look larger than it actually is. The image was taken in May 2021.

    Pool Tile Installers

    Tiling your pool is a great way to increase the aesthetics of your pool area. From a distance, you can see an entirely new set-up for your backyard, but there are so many choices when it comes to tile style that picking just one option might seem overwhelming at first glance.

    Aside from the aesthetic purpose of tiling your pool and choosing a pleasing tile design, there are other reasons to tile in order to increase the functionality of your pool.

    For example, if you have a pool that has leaks or is not properly draining water when it should be, tiling can help solve this problem by creating an even surface for the water level so there won't be any dips or craters where water pools and stagnates.

    That is why Tile Installers Miami Pros is here to help you, be it for aesthetic or for quality pool tile installation. We use our expertise in tiling to make sure that the job is done correctly and efficiently and offer a wide range of choices in the process. Tile Installers Miami Pros make sure that when it comes to pool tile installation, we give you the best solutions.

    Miami has a lot of gorgeous pools. There are many different types of pool tiles and each type offers its own unique features. Tiles come in several sizes, shapes, colors, textures, and materials so it is important to consider what you want your tile installation to bring into the design before choosing one or more colors and types. From natural stone tiles that have a deep gray background with smooth beige veining to porcelain pebble tiles that feature a light and dark pattern, the choices of designs are limitless. Tile Installers Miami Pros also offer mosaic tile installations. Through these choices, pool owners can customize their swimming environment to fit their own personal preferences beautifully! Miami pool tile installers can help you to make the right choice and within your budget.


    Pool tile installation can be an expansive project. That is why it is important to choose a tile installer who can help you create the perfect pool for your home. Tile installers Miami Pros offer personal and professional service to ensure that every project is handled with care!


    - Miami tile installation company specialists are knowledgeable in all aspects of ceramic, stone, and porcelain tiles

    - We have years of experience installing pools with different types of materials such as mosaics or pebble patterns

    - Our work comes with an impeccable warranty so you won't need to worry about any problems occurring later on down the line

    - The best part? We are very affordable!


    How much does it cost to retile a pool?


    The cost of tiling a pool varies depending on the size and type of tile. For example, porcelain tiles are less expensive while travertine is more expensive. It also depends on if you are doing a new installation or just re-tiling an existing surface.


    In addition, if we are talking about building a pool, then there are a number of factors that would influence the price to retile a pool. For example, if we need to build block walls or framing for the new tile installation, then this will increase the cost


    However, there is one guarantee – our work comes with an impeccable warranty so you won't need to worry about any problems occurring later on down the line!

    Miami does not permit DIY projects below ground level, so why take any risks when it comes time to install your ceramic tile flooring project? We offer free estimates with no obligation! Call us today for your


    How long should pool tile last?


    In order to determine how long the tile will last, it is important to take into consideration the following factors: wear and tear on the tile surface, installation quality of tiles, the frequency that you use your pool. For example, if there are children in the household who love swimming laps every day then this would increase the risk of wearing out the porcelain or ceramic flooring quicker than an adult-only household with infrequent usage.


    The first factor we need to consider when determining how long tile should last is its level of durability against water and other chemicals (like salt). You want to make sure that you are installing tile within your pool that is resistant to moisture and chemicals. The best type of tiles for this is porcelain or ceramic because they have a high gloss, low slip finish which creates a very durable surface against water.


    The second factor we need to consider when determining how long tile should last is the installation quality of the tile itself (is it properly sealed?), as well as its level of durability in general. You want to make sure that you're hiring a professional installer who knows what he/she's doing with regards to grout joints, mortar thickness, curing time before exposure to chemical compounds like chlorine and salt water - all important factors in ensuring that the finished product lasts!

    Our contractors serving Homeowners and Commercial Properties for many years.

    Let us help you with all your tile home remodeling needs! We provide both residential and commercial customers with the best flooring service in town. Whether it’s just one small area requiring new tiles or a complete overhaul, we can help. Our work comes with an impeccable warranty so you won’t need to worry about any problems occurring later on down the line. The best part? We are very affordable!

    We have years of experience installing pools of different types including mosaics or pebble patterns which is why some people come to us after hiring other contractors who only managed to do half the job before calling quits for good.

    Best Outdoor Tile Miami

    The exterior tile types are generally determined by the climate, area of usage, and design. It is important to determine the environment that the tile will be placed into before choosing it. There are many different climate factors that go into a decision for exterior tiles such as whether or not the ground is damp or dry and if there is an issue with high humidity.

    Miami has a humid climate with temperatures that are high for most of the year. It is important to have experienced tile installers in Miami because they are able to take into account the Florida environment and installation factors. The type of floor that will be outside is also different than what is inside, and so it's important to understand what type of outdoor tiles are being used before choosing them.

    Considering the various factors, the best tile for Miami's humid climate is porcelain tile. Porcelain tiles are a durable type of flooring that can withstand harsh winter weather conditions, as well as freezing cold temperatures. They also feature slip-resistant surfaces, which will give homeowners the peace of mind they need when transitioning to a newly finished interior space. This type of tile floor is available in many different colors and styles; giving those who hire professional tile installers plenty of design options for their spaces. Porcelain tiles are one of the top horizontal surface materials because they offer ample color and style while still serving functional needs like waterproofing.

    Porcelain Outdoor Tile vs Ceramic Outdoor Tile

    Porcelain tile surface floors are created through a process known as glazing. This technique involves glass-like substances being added to clay to create tile products with high levels of strength, durability, and stain resistance.

    You can easily recognize porcelain tile by its glossy surface finish and hard outer shell. Porcelain tile is ideal for outdoor use because it withstands extreme weather conditions while still retaining brilliant color and design characteristics. When considering indoor or outdoor porcelain installations, the best place to start is with research about your project's specific climate concerns (e.g., direct sunlight vs indirect light) in order to ensure.

    Porcelain tile has the ability to stand up against freezing cold temperatures better than ceramic. Porcelain tiles come in many different colors and styles that homeowners can design their spaces with, and this type of tile is one of the most popular types for indoor and outdoor installations because it resists any harsh weather conditions while still retaining the tile's color and style.

    Ceramic tiles are a type of flooring that is resilient and can withstand moisture from rain or snow while still maintaining brilliant color and design. Ceramic tiles are made with much less dense material than porcelain tiles, which means they cost less to install with a thinner profile. This will sit on top of the outdoor surface, such as sand; whereas porcelain tiles would be installed onto the ground.

    The cost of ceramic tile installation will vary depending on a number of factors, including your tile type, manufacturer, retailer size options, etc. As with any tile installation project, you should always consult with professionals before installing any tile surfaces yourself. Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are similar in the way that they are both prone to scratches under certain conditions.  Also if something heavy falls on top of the tile, such as a chair or table, there may be some tile damage as well. It is also important to remove dirt and grime from tile surfaces regularly to prevent tile deterioration.


    Our pool desperately needed some serious TLC. The tiles were coming loose and we feared the worse. Fortunately for us Dave and the guys from Miami Pros were able to provide us with a professional and cost-effective solution to our problems. Suffice to say, the kids have been splashing away ever since.” – P.Inge

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    Our highly trained call center staff are ready and waiting to provide you with a detailed, and most importantly cost-effective quote. They will ensure you get just what you want. Providing industry-leading advice and tips to help ensure our clients have that once-in-a-lifetime experience. Making sure your newly tiled space is done professionally and to the highest standards. At Tile Installers Miami Pros we continue to build our reputation with every job we do. So put our name to the test today and let's show you what we can do. You will not be disappointed.