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Pool Tile Installers

Our pool tile installers Miami and pool designers helped our client to select the right design and pool tile for his Miami home. The project took two weeks. On this image you see the edge of the pool and tile pooled area. The image and the project took place in May 2021

Working with the professional pool tile installers are crucial. Tiling your swimming pool can add a level of beauty that can set it apart from the rest. If done correctly it will elevate your pools aesthetic appeal. The trick however comes in when one is actually busy with the installation process.

Logic dictates that water and cement don’t mix and this usually is the case. This is why it is crucial to only trust your pools tiling installation to the professionals from Tile Installers Miami Pros. Our highly trained experts are ready and waiting to assist with any questions or queries you may have regarding this tricky process.


Initial Movement

As we are you have noticed before, when any pool maintenance is carried out on the surface, the pool needs to be be completely empty and dry. There is no difference when one is tiling their pools surface. Once the job is complete, and the pool has been refilled, one needs to keep in mind that the weight of the water will cause the surface to shift. This will cause movement in your pools surface and this will need to be accounted for during the install process. So to make sure this crucial aspect in executed correctly, call us today.


Chemicals And Grout

This is another crucial aspect one needs to take into consideration when tiling your pools surface. We all want a beautifully blue and pristine looking pool. To achieve this however we are most likely going to have to use some pretty strong chemicals to keep it looking that way.

These strong chemicals will not just affect your water but will also have a effect on the grout used to finish the tiling. This is why it is crucial to let the our expert pool tile installers team have a look to help you choose the toughest grouting solution for your pool. It couldn’t be easier.


Waterproof Adhesive

Water will find a way. This is just one of those certainties in life. Now imagine the constant pressure your pools surface is under when it spends 99% of its life submerged under water. Eventually it will penetrate your grout joints. Even when a epoxied resin is used, there is absolutely no guarantee that it will work 100% of the time.

The best solution for this is to lay a waterproof shell or layer behind the tiles to provide it with an extra layer of support. Simply put this service requires a expert eye and needs to be completed to the highest standards to avoid any further issues.



As pool owners we are sure you well acquainted with the ups and downs of owning this wonderful asset. While it will provide hours of fun for you and your loved ones. This will come at a cost and it will need a regular maintenance routine to ensure it is kept looking its best at all times.

As a solution to this sometimes expensive problem, here at Tile Installers Miami Pros we have developed a range of install and maintenance methods that offer the highest quality services at the lowest possible prices. Ensuring we never sacrifice an ounce of quality. So give us a call today for and obligation free quote.

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