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Kitchen Tile Installers

On this picture you see a white and baggie kitchen colors. The kitchen was remodel by our kitchen tile installers Miami team in May 2021. The client just purchased and older house and wanted to remodel his kitchen in a modern style. The colors were carefully chosen by our designer and approved by the client.

If you are looking for the ideal solution for your kitchens tiling needs, you will not be disappointed with our kitchen tile installers team's wide variety and affordable kitchen tile solutions. Kitchens tend to be the busiest rooms in our homes. This makes it even more crucial to select a material that can not only handle the traffic, but also manages to last for many years to come.

Tiles are hard, durable, water resistant and can simply shrug off stains or dirt. Not to mention the range of decorative options we offer. Simply put, by the time we are done, your kitchen will look like new.


Porcelain Floor Tiles

This commonly used choice is a fan favourite when it comes to kitchen floors. These wonderful tiles have sand added to the clay when they are being produced. This makes them harder,denser and a lot less porous than your average ceramic solution.

We are able to offer both glazed and unglazed options to suit every need. This solution for your floor can be difficult to install though and a DIY job is not recommended. Rather pick up the phone today and let our experts do the job right. We promise you will not be disappointed.


Ceramic Floor Tiles

This solution is also sometimes called the non-porcelain tile. This option is softer so it is finished with a glaze to create a harder and more durable surface. This can also be done in any color imaginable. Due to this tiling solution being softer than its porcelain cousin, it can be cut and installed more easily. It is also often more porous compared to porcelain, but glazing it ensures it will be extremely resistant to spills and stains. So if this sounds like the solution for you, have look through our services and give us a call today and lets get that floor sorted.


Stone Floor Tiles

For those clients who are not too worried about price, our kitchen tile installers have a wide variety of stone floor solutions. These range from granite, slate, limestone, marble and everything in between. Due to them being so porous, they do require a decent sealant to be applied every two to 3 years after installation. We offer these solutions in both a polished and honed finishes. Giving you the choice of slippery when polished with extra beauty or honed which gives you more traction but does not allow the natural color to shine as brightly. So if money is no option, we promise we have the stone floor solution for you.



We would not be doing our duty if we did not inform you of a couple of drawbacks when it comes to selecting tiles for your kitchen. Firstly these hard surfaces are unforgiving. Especially to any dishes or glasses that may be dropped. Simply put they will not survive. Tiles also have the ability to reflect sound, which ultimately  means they will contribute to a noisy environment. They also require a regular maintenance routine to keep them clean and looking there best. To find out more, pick up your phone today and give us a call without any further delay.

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